Changing Your Address With The DMV

California law states you must change your address when you move to a different permanent address.

Online Change of Address: 

     You can file your change of address online if        you have a California Driver license or California    ID

  You must have a Social Security Number

  You have to currently live in California

   A Change of Address must be filed on your drivers license and a separate change of address needs to be filed on your vehicle. 


CarTagz  can change your address for you. You will receive a registration card. You will need to pay a replacement card fee of $22 plus any other DMV Fees that are due. 

Renew California

Vehicle Registration

United States Postal Service 

USPS provides moving services for people that are relocating.  USPS

If you have a PO Box, you must provide a physical address too, when initiating a change of address.